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"The longest journey, you ever take in life, is the one to yourself."


Clothing Inspired by Spirituality

Founded in 2021, for anyone around the world ready to embrace their own creative power. We take your wishes seriously to make them yours.

Each piece of clothing is created out of your own expression of Call2Love because our clothes are individually design and handmade specifically for you. The moment you place an order, it's the moment for your desire to come true!

It is truly yours - Fashion From The Heart.

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Call2Love was founded as an expression of true feminine power. The power that comes first from receiving, from being present for yourself. The idea was to create something beautiful for women so they could remember and be reminded of who they truly are.

There is power in turning towards yourself and giving yourself first instead of searching for that love outside. There is abundance of creative force that sleeps hidden within the heart that is ready to Love.

We wish for Call2Love to be a portal for others to experience and feel the connection with their own hearts 💕


I would love to see people opening to who they truly are, to what they truly love. I see a very different way of people working together towards something that is greater but influenced and flavored by individuality. I imagine that the big questions about who we are, where we come from and where we are going that humanity has asked for millennia will not have to be asked anymore. I see that the experience of fully owning one’s truth will make such questions redundant as the meaning of life is not to be understood. It is to be felt and known, because what we all really search for, is this connection, our own call2love.

I choose to believe that by sharing my art I allow for this shift to happen. When people experience my art or wear it, the message of “Love” is there. This Love has the power to open us up to the truth as I have experienced it myself. I see people connected and creating life that they truly love and, as a reflection, creating it for others too.

I envision us, remembering our heart’s call where the true value is not only in individual success but the success of the humanity as a whole. I believe that we are moving towards extraordinary time and that those ready to make the leap into the heart will inherit these huge blessings.


As Native American Proverb says:

"The longest journey in your LIFE is the journey from your HEAD to your HEART"



Founders and Designer of


Kasia Muzyka

Venus Incarnated!!

"I love everything about this brand but mostly is the way it makes me feel wearing them! Not only that I feel like a center of attention walking into the room but I have a sense of being in love with life. It’s as I was Venus Incarnated into modem times!!"

— Bridget, New York, USA

Million Dollar look!

"Call2Love clothes make me feel beautiful, artistic and alive. I feel like million dollars wearing them."

— Kamila, London, UK


"Call 2 Love is a true celebration of femininity. Gorgeous abstract paintings printed on soft, luxurious fabrics create a feeling of warmth and excitement. Every piece feels like an embrace - a warm hug, a moment of serenity.Call 2 Loveis designed for the individual who is ready to fall in love with themselves and find joy in the world around them."

— Victoria, New York, USA