"Art for me is about abstracting yourself on the canvas, it is a mirror in which you see yourself.


Through this abstraction, the artist and the viewer can connect with the parts of themselves that were unseen. They are given a chance to get to know themselves outside of their set beliefs. "



Kasia Muzyka

The Intention

My wholehearted intention for creating Call2Love is to embrace others in Love. I believe in energetic connection and that everything, once created, has energetic impact that can be felt and experienced.

The viewer can thus connect back with the emotional state of the artist that occurred during painting.

I wish my clothing to be a blueprint of my art, where the person who wears it, will experience the love and joy through their own heart.

I wish for my clothing to be a reminder of that euphoric state in everyday life. Clothes are the second skin, they carry the expression of oneself to the world. As we choose what we wear each day, why not to remind ourselves of who we truly are

🌟 🌟 🌟

The most important tool for me in getting to know myself was the process that I call “abstracting oneself”. In this process I believe we can discover parts of us that we had not seen before. These become a symbolic representation of who we are. It’s a sensory experience but it goes beyond our five senses. It touches on the inner abilities that we only are coming to understand.

It is true for me that as I paint, I allow for the un-discovered parts of me to take form on the canvas. In expressing myself, I then uncover my "missing pieces" that I have not seen before and start relating. I believe that we are able to tap into the memory of who we truly are, outside of our established thinking patterns. It is a magical moment in which we create the relationship with oneself.

What easier way ... if not by fashion and wearing art.


Kasia is a Polish-American artist creating intuitive, abstract artwork. After growing up in Poland, Kasia lived in London, United Kingdom before moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she currently resides.

Kasia’s artwork aims to take the viewer beyond the ordinary in an individual transformative experience. Her influence includes mysticism and in-depth exploration of human nature, while also including elements of transcendental philosophy and modern-day alchemy. Kasia considers her work to be an expression of femininity, through which she creates a space for others to connect with their feminine side.

Since childhood, Kasia has explored an intrinsic urge to create. Moving through dance, singing, and music schools with countless hours of practice she started to feel a sense of lost expression that called to her to be transformed into visual art. Kasia’s energy to paint came later in her life, almost from a different language within her. She felt like this expression was imprisoned in her for many years, waiting for a catalyst to set it free. Her first art works evoked such emotion that only then she began to understand the true artistic expression within.

Now, Kasia is a painter and creator of the Call2Love - a clothing line of wearable art for women around the world. Kasia’s work is shared and exhibited in Usa and Europe and her art is in private collections in US, Canada, UK, Italy and Poland.

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Follow Kasia on Instagram: @call.2.love

View her art: www.kasiamuzyka.com